About Milky's

Milky’s was the first dairy company in the United Kingdom that produces Lebanese and Mediterranean cheese. Most importantly, Milky's has now a pretty modern facility with a potential capacity of 18,000 liters of fresh milk a day. Currently, Milky’s supplies Waitrose and caters for ethnic, five-star restaurants, and hotels in the United Kingdom with cheese, labneh, and yogurt.

Our History

Milky’s Dairy was started in Lebanon in 1991 by Nabil & Youssef Assi’s father who was an agricultural engineer. Then, the company granted a UNIDO recognition (certificate) for cleanliness and good quality products. Next, Milky's factory expanded to a very high standard in 2001.

However, the family has decided to invest in the UK due to the bad and unstable situation in Lebanon.

milkys dairy products

The Founders of Milky's

Nabil Assi started Milky’s dairy UK in 2003 to test the water using a small experimental unit. At that time, the experimental unit produced cheese using 700 liters of fresh milk every other day.

Nabil has studied in the USA and has obtained a BS in electrical engineering. Then, Nabil has worked for the family business in Lebanon for more than 5 years.
On the other hand, Youssef Assi, who has studied business administration, also has worked for the family business in Lebanon for more than 9 years before he joined the UK company in 2005.

As a result, Milky’s UK moved in 2005 to bigger premises in Gorst Road in Park Royal for  five years. Then, Milky's invested in equipment that has a production capacity of  5,000 liters of fresh milk per day.

In conclusion, Milky’s utilized 1500 – 2000 liters of milk every day for cheese, labneh, and yogurt by the end of 2005.

The Development of Milky's

Interestingly, Milky’s UK started working with an independent consultant and acquired Salsa status (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) in the same year. Then, Milky's has started preparing for HACCP Certification. In addition, Milky's has engaged in a traceability program of keeping records to obtain BRC accreditation.

Importantly, the big move was in 2010 when the lease expired at Gorst Road. At that time, Nabil and Youssef went that extra mile and moved to new premises in Wembley. By that time, they setup an especially high standard production facility.

In conclusion, the factory has been equibed with full automated machinery. In addition, the factory has followed extremely high standard manufacturing equipment brought from Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK.

Eventially, Milky’s obtained BRC status in August 2010 that allowed the company to enter the multiple stores in the UK.